It can be difficult to find relevant and effective support, training and advice for the different stages of a career in teaching. Knowing what courses are available and what will help to keep us as education professionals learning, developing and marketable is a challenge, not least when it can seem as if there is just no time and energy left after a busy day at school. 

Apart from learning crucial knowledge and vital professional skills, teachers also often wish to identify and develop practical ways to manage energy and well being, maintaining a balanced life as well as a successful career in education.

Similarly senior leaders whose role encompasses professional development for their colleagues will wish to source cost-effective training opportunities for teachers in their schools. We offer a range of programmes that are adaptable to any length and level, and also recommend the option of one to one coaching as a time-effective way to address specify learning needs.

WiSH can help you to plot a pathway through your career, and support you to take a proactive approach, that ensures ongoing leaning to express your potential and make the greatest contribution to the potential of your school and your students.


We can deliver these stand-alone courses and workshops in your organisation or for a group, and can offer talks on these topics:

For mixed sex groups
First Year Review and Planning for NQTs
Confident Career Development
Management Skills for Middle Leaders
Stepping up to Senior Leadership
Helping You to Headship
Managing Your Wellbeing and Workload

For women-only groups
Career Management for Women
Presenting Yourself Positively – Successful Applications and Interviews
Women into Senior Leadership – Confidence to be Yourself

Find out more about WiSH Training Courses. Our approach is flexible and adaptable. Please  contact us to discuss the options.

Meg gave me the confidence to apply for promotions. I wouldn’t have got to interview if it hadn’t been for her wise words. She knows the education field extremely well and I have learnt so much through our conversations. Meg is easy to talk to and is a good listener, supporting me as I come across new challenges in my career. She is more than a mentor and injects me with energy and positivity to be able to achieve whatever I want to achieve.
— Emily, Assistant Principal
Eve has an incredible ability to drill down into difficult concepts and challenges. Her knowledge and insight have been instrumental in changing problems into powerful solutions. Her coaching style consciously focuses on one’s self-awareness and how this contributes to becoming a successful, strong and sustainable leader. Focusing on my emotional awareness and professional progress has been key in my coaching sessions with Eve and fundamentally, I have found her open and approachable style positively enhances my leadership skills.
— Indira Purushothaman, Vice Principal, Mossbourne Community Academy

We offer:

  • One-to-one coaching, either face to face, via Skype or on the phone.This is generally short term – just one session can make a huge difference – although we do have some clients who continue over a period of time, or return at times of change or challenge in their careers.
  • Bespoke training days and workshops for different career stages.Topics we cover include management and leadership skills, confident career development, managing difficult conversations using the assertive framework, managing workload and wellbeing
  • Application advice and interview practice
  • Talks and short sessions as part of conferences or training events
  • An approach that is practical, knowledgeable and insightful, putting you and your needs at the centre
I really valued clear, easily implemented ‘takeaways’ as a result of the day.”

“I know how to make very effective use of data to get shortlisted, and have practical tips to use in my next interview and presentation as well as techniques for managing nerves”

“I have greater self-awareness of how I present at interview, and received clear feedback, which I’ll use to prepare for headship interviews.”

“I feel more confident in myself - and more confident to apply for promotion.”

“I liked the practical assertive conversations, really listening and not apologising for myself and my views and decisions both, personally or professionally.