New Headteachers

Taking up a first headship, whilst exciting, will naturally also present many challenges. Whilst all professionals new to a role or to an organisation benefit from support, the transition from the deputy role to carrying the ultimate responsibility will test leaders in new and complex ways. 

With our many years’ experience of working with headteachers, we are well placed to offer you time-effective help that adds value and makes a real difference to your impact and wellbeing. Deeper understanding, clearer insights and practical strategies to move forward will arise from the appropriate support and structured time for reflection and planning of WiSH coaching.

We can support you in the phase between appointment and taking up your position - and continue once you are in post - to:

  • Help you to create the impact you need 
  • Identify, plan and implement practical ways to lead and manage change
  • Ensure that you maintain your wellbeing and commit to practical ways to keep balance and maintain energy in what will be a busy life
  • Create structured reflection time to keep the big picture in mind and maintain your focus on key priorities
  • Find ways to constructively and practically address challenges and obstacles
  • Enhance your strategies for dealing with difficult people and situations
  • Identify effective ways of working with the governing body

Experienced Headteachers

For experienced headteachers we offer the opportunity to review and refresh your role as the lead professional and support you in your career development.   In a confidential, one to one relationship, we can help you to take stock, assess your progress and provide an impartial sounding board for reflection, exploration and planning. We will robustly encourage actions to maintain your energy and wellbeing, support forward momentum in your school and creatively help you to address challenges and difficulties with ease.

Additionally from a detailed understanding of your situation, we can work with you to support your development, and that of your school.  In particular we can advise on practical training and development initiatives for your senior and middle leaders, and to develop talent in your staff.

Developing Your Senior and Middle leaders

Whilst all teachers are responsible for the quality of teaching and learning in their classrooms, those who lead that quality play a pivotal role, ultimately affecting student outcomes. Without strong middle leadership schools are unlikely to reach the Ofsted criteria for ‘outstanding’.

In consultation with the senior leadership team, WiSH offers bespoke training for middle leaders.  Through a structured programme, which can be enhanced by a residential or off-site element, middle leaders learn the importance of their role in raising standards across the school. Working with their peers, they become confident to step up to team leadership and become the driving force for quality assurance across the school.

Whilst we always design a programme to meet your specific needs, it would typically include:

  • Understanding how to lead and manage people, and build a team, and developing the skills to do so 
  • Planning strategically for improvements in teaching and learning
  • Managing time for improved efficiency and effectiveness 
  • Assertiveness skills and a practical approach for dealing with difficult people and situations
  • Increased confidence in leadership skills and a more assured approach to school and personal development

We can also work with senior leaders, either one to one or in small training groups to develop the skills, strategies and confidence to create the greatest impact in schools.

I strongly commend Meg Maunder and Eve Warren for their leadership consultancy and training. Across the three schools I have led, Meg and Eve have delivered high quality, challenging training for senior and middle leaders that has supported my work of turning the schools around. They are highly organised, incisive and have never failed to get to the heart of the issue holding teams back from experiencing success.
— Mark Phillips, Regional Director for Ark Secondary Schools in Hastings