Executive, Career Development and Life-Work Coaching

One of the challenges for senior leaders is sustaining progress in their schools, whilst maintaining the integrity of their strategic vision.  Coaching sessions give the space to stand back, refocus and refresh, both professionally and personally.  They find it beneficial in implementing their role, whilst maintaining the energy and wellbeing essential for the job.

Often people choose to work with a coach at times of particular challenge, for example when facing complex or difficult situations at work, or during periods of change, such as before or after a promotion, when seeking a new job or when returning to work after a break. It is very helpful when facing high pressure periods or managing stress in others, and also helps maintain high performance and personal satisfaction during more routine times. 

How does coaching work?

  • An initial no-obligation, no charge, phone conversation sets the scene and you decide if it’s right for you
  • Although we will generally discuss a programme to move you forwards, you only commit session by session. Just one session alone can have great impact.
  • The first session is generally 2 hours; subsequent ones are either one and a half or one hour.
  • Sessions take place at comfortable offices near Clapham Junction, on the phone or by Skype. We can also come to you, particularly if we are coaching more than one person in your school.
  • Sessions are scheduled to suit your needs.  We are entirely flexible and work daytime, evenings and some weekends, in term time and holidays.  We do our best to fit in with your diary.
  • We are familiar with short-notice demands for interview coaching and will do all we can to accommodate clients.
  • We also offer interim telephone and email support between sessions.

What do you gain?

  • The opportunity to stand back and a structured, purposeful way of reflecting
  • Time to work out your priorities and plan the strategy to achieve them
  • An objective viewpoint and insights into managing change
  • Practical techniques and support in handling difficult or politically sensitive situations 
  • Specific skills and strategies, for example, time management or assertiveness skills
  • A more balanced lifestyle and greater sustainable wellbeing
  • Practice and skills for a public speaking engagement or interview 
  • Guidance on managing pressure at work, in yourself or in others 
  • Knowledge that you have addressed the issues that make the biggest impact  
  • Step-by-step progress towards goals, for your school, yourself or your career

Interview coaching

We help you prepare effectively for interview and support you to develop skills, techniques and confidence. Our long experience and personal approach ensure that you are confident to present your best self, addressing the stumbling blocks and finding, through practice, the self-knowledge and composure that means you can shine. We suggest a telephone set-up call, a two hour face-to-face or Skype session, and follow up telephone support.  

Coaching for Women Leaders

What principles drive our work?

  • We don’t think women should be promoted because they are women – only if they are the best for the job.
  • WiSH does not want to equalise men and women at headship – but we want a wider pool from which to recruit the best headteacher, and currently women are under-represented at headteacher level in all phases.
  • We work with women because there is an untapped group at deputy and assistant headteacher level who are not applying for headship.  As women leaders ourselves, who have been privileged to work with other women over the years, we have insights and learning to share.
  • We do not criticise or undermine men, but we address issues that affect women’s careers, such as life choices, family consideration, career timing and confidence.
  • Evidence suggests that women are less likely than men to put themselves forward for courses or career-enhancing activities, so a coaching programme is time-efficient and cost-effective way to boost career development. 

Coaching programmes for women at different career stages:

It’s not too late!
Many women successfully combine a career with a family, yet avoid the ultimate responsibility until their family commitments are reduced. When they feel ready to take the next step to headship, they often fear that perceptions of ageism will work against them, which can undermine self-belief. We address these issues both emotionally and practically, enhancing confidence and developing skills and strategies to get and do the job.

Confidence for headship: is it for me? 
Take a structured and reflective approach to deciding if indeed you do want to go for headship, and learn practical strategies to overcome barriers, grow confidence, and get the job.

Waiting to be noticed?
Understand how power and influence operate and why you need them. Appreciate how and why some people get noticed, and others don’t. Enhance your capabilities and learn effective ways to present them with confidence.

Coaching with Eve has helped me to refine my leadership practice. It has been essential to have someone, outside work, to talk through issues and find solutions, so that I can return to school with a clearer vision.
— Natalie de Silva, Executive Headteacher, West London Free School Academy Trust
Eve is an empowering influence. One of the most significant things that I have learnt from my coaching is how to confidently take affirmative action when moving forward and how to successfully find strategic and effective ways to deal with any given situation, be it professional or personal.
— Steven, Assistant Headteacher